Women's Color Fashions for 2012

Although it seems impossible that more color shades and hues could exist on this planet, the Pantone Fashion Color Report has recently announced 175 new color codes and brought its official color chart labels to a total of 2,100. Increasing appreciation for global color influences may explain how these new shades have been discovered and identified. For 2012, the winner from among so many potential candidates is juicy Tangerine Tango. However, this vivacious orange is actually only one of twelve dominant themes for women's fashions for spring and summer of 2012.

Inevitably, spring makes us think of new life, new hope and renewed energy. With the lethargy and dullness of winter slipping away, women want to look re-energized and vibrant. According to Fashion Snoops Trend Report, Tangerine Tango is joined by a warm Poppy red, sensual Geranium rosy-red, cheery Canary yellow and spring Grass yellow-green. Both Tiffany blue and Sodalite marine blue are refreshing and cool choices. Bellflower, a deep ornamental purple; Hyacinth, a softer version; and Sweet Lilac, a light, romantic pink-lavender will be ideal companions from spring through the lovely long days and evenings of summer. Even the intriguing Inky dark blue reflects contemporary classic style.

Every season needs neutrals to balance the palette of favorite colors, and the choices this year are reminders of smooth Honey and clean Sandstone. A beige-grey combination known as Driftwood speaks of weathered cottages and sand-washed beaches. By mixing these softly muted tones with bright vivid colors and mischievously delicate pastels, women's fashions for spring and summer are guaranteed to be fun-loving and playful with just a hint of classic finesse.

Neon refuses to leave the scene yet. With more than 21 shades of bright fluorescents to choose from, women will be adding pops of color in their swimwear, footwear, intimates, athletic clothing, hosiery and accessories. Most neon will be presented in nylon fabric items.

Interfiliere, another fashion color leader, has a totally different approach to women's clothing trends for 2012. Its Fashion and Color Trends Report identifies three "moods" for this year:

1. Tender -Delicate, clear and pale pastels are sexy and alluring.

2. Earthy -Especially in beachwear, ochre, orange and copper will be popular. Hand-dyed fabrics will be enjoying renewed attention, and leopard prints will lean to the exotic side.

3. Florals -Never far away, this summer's florals will be charming prints with splashes of bold color and subtle underlying shades.

For women who are wondering what the fashion colors will be for the fall and winter of 2012, Design Options has four categories that are the darker cousins of the spring and summer palette:

1. Modern Flair -Potent olive green and deep chocolate join jungle prints to complete a powerful fashion statement.

2. Sheer Perfection -Pale oranges, mauves and deep reddish-browns float over skirts, dresses and tops in a sexy, sensual display.

3. Kiss and Make-up -Youthful peaches and dark pinks will be especially noticeable in fashion lipsticks and nail polish.

4. Dark Illusion -Charcoal, rich teal, deep plum and fiery crimson turn up the temperature on cool autumn and winter nights.

With over 2,100 color shades to choose from, it looks like there will be no shortage of great looks and styles for the 2012 women's fashions.