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What About Tesla's Limited Car Paint Colors?

Date: September 30, 2015, By: Admin

Although most people will not immediately recognize them, all-electric Tesla cars are quietly gaining in popularity as they travel the highways and roads of the United States and abroad. Interestingly, while sales continue to grow, the company's car paint choices remain quite limited. Perhaps the youthfulness of Tesla Motors is a fair reason for the deliberate narrowness of color options.

It was in 2003 that PayPal executive Elon Musk stepped forward with an innovative approach to electric vehicles. Naming his company after Nikola Tesla, inventor of the AC induction motor, Musk purchased a former automotive plant in Freemont, California and began production of the Tesla Roadster. It debuted in 2008, offering 240 miles per electric charge and wearing a variety of fashionable colors. Fusion Red and Racing Green were the standard options. Metallic choices included Brilliant Yellow, Radiant Red, Signature Green, Glacier Blue, Obsidian Black, Thunder Grey and Sterling Silver. There were even a few lifestyle/premium choices: Arctic White, Very Orange, Jet Black and Electric Blue. At the time, some critics suggested that these car paint shades seemed remarkably similar to colors in the Lotus and Elise stables.

In 2012, Musk brought the Tesla Model S to the market. It was the first totally electric sedan, offering four doors, seating for seven passengers and huge cargo space. It also promised 265 miles per charge. In late 2014, the 85D and P85D, variations of Model S, added dual motors, all-wheel drive and a slight mileage increase to the prototype. All told, more than 50,000 Tesla cars are now on the road.

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What's New in Gold These Days?

Date: August 12, 2015, By: Admin

Who doesn't love gold? While no one seems to be able to pinpoint exactly when this lustrous, shiny metal became such a “hot item,” mention of it dates back thousands of years. Cherished by the ancient Egyptians for both its beautiful color and its rarity, from earliest days, gold and the color of gold have been associated with royalty, wealth, exclusivity, success and extravagance, and its allure has only increased with time.

Even today, treasure hunters continue to seek golden bounty in mines, archaeological digs and undersea wrecks. Most recently, the Eric Schmitt family, subcontractors for 1715 Fleet - Queens Jewels LLC, discovered a million dollars' worth of 300-year-old gold chain and coins just off Florida's coast. To date, divers such as the Schmitts have recovered $157 million of the estimated $400 million in lost treasure.

Aside from its investment value, around the world, the color gold carries a variety of meanings. For example, as a masculine color, gold is mostly associated with wealth in North America, but in Great Britain, it points to royalty. In China, gold symbolizes an earth element; in Japan it stands for wealth and strength. The European flag contains blue and gold to symbolize the unity among its nations.

To Christians, gold represents all the brilliance and magnificence that belongs to God. For Hindus, this color represents wisdom and knowledge. Golden halos surround the heads of many favorite deities. Muslims believe that green and gold are the colors of Paradise.

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What About Tesla's Limited Car Paint Colors?

Although most people will not immediately recognize them, all-electric Tesla cars are quietly gaining in popularity as they travel the highways and roads of the United States and abroad.

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