Adding a Splash of Colour to Your Bathroom

Achieving the most comfortable and relaxing space in your bathroom can be easily obtained by personalizing the interior to suit your own needs and taste. Creating a uniquely styled design instead of imitating those seen in brochures or store windows will surely result in you feeling more at ease in your surroundings.

The most ideal way to inject your own personality into your bathroom is through the use of colour. Your choice of colour in a room can often affect your mood and is therefore a vital aspect when planning the theme you wish to apply.

Neutral tones will influence a tranquil and calming atmosphere as well as give the impression of luxury often found in spa resorts. Shades of white and cream are used to create a classic and often expensive looking interior. The cleanliness of such colours is the perfect blank canvas and is sure to flatter both contemporary and traditional timeless styles.

The bathroom is also a place in which to indulge and sometimes enjoy romance with your partner. Utilizing warm and rich tones such as red or purple will inspire this romantic ambience. Together with the addition of candles and incense will ensure the ideal environment to divulge and pamper yourself and your spouse.

Other common colours used in the bathroom are blues and greens as they connote a cool and natural feel. A light and airy atmosphere can be fashioned easily with these as they often make you think of seaside locations or beach holidays. Pastel shades such as turquoise or lavender enable bright and up lifting colours to be used without being too over powering in a small room.

Strong colours are well known to make a room seem smaller so another idea on how to add your own personal touch is through the accessories you choose to adorn your bathroom with. Canvas pictures can add aesthetic pleasures to your room along with the use of mirrors which will also add a sense of glamour. Purchasing luxurious linen such as bath and hand towels will also allow you to introduce vivid colours into your design without diminishing the illusion of space.

For homeowners who like to change the style of their rooms frequently, a good idea is to keep up to date with seasons. Using colours to influence different times of the year will enable you to keep your bathroom fresh and current. It also allows you to create a warm environment when the weather outside is cold, or influence a much cooler atmosphere when it's hot outside.

Your choice of fabric around your bathroom window can furthermore define a certain atmosphere in your room as dark, heavy material will restrict natural light. Using flimsy, flowing fabric such as voile will have the opposite effect as well as encourage a luxurious style.

This article was written by Alexandra, an experienced blogger and keen design enthusiast on behalf of Bathshop321 who provide complete bathroom suites at great prices!