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Start Building Your Wardrobe with Timeless Suit Colors

Choosing timeless suit colors and classic designs is the secret to maximizing your wardrobe for both versatility and cost-effectiveness. If you, like the average consumer, are only regularly wearing 20 percent of the clothes in your closet, the beginning of a new year or a new job is the perfect time for a change.

Whether you are just entering the business world or you are simply determined to streamline your overcrowded closet, a few wise color selections can result in multiplied mix-and-match outfits. In fact, with the right shoes, a suit, a sports jacket, an extra pair of trousers, and four shirts, you can create more than a dozen different business outfits. Imagine the possibilities when you increase the number of shirts to eight or more and throw in some well-coordinated ties and pocket squares.

If only one suit is in the budget, consider a single-breasted gray, charcoal, or khaki choice. Because a return to minimalism has been the overriding trend on the fashion runways most recently, clean, classic lines are available everywhere and in all price ranges. However, it's worth investing in quality core pieces for your basic business wardrobe. If you scrimp on cheap fabrics and craftsmanship, you will be replacing items regularly. Buy the best you can afford through creative shopping online, at high-end clearance racks, or through special in-store deals.

Choosing the Perfect Fall Wedding Colors for Your Special Day

Each year, autumn arrives bringing different temperatures and environmental changes across the landscape, and each year, more and more couples are choosing September, October, or November as the perfect time to schedule their wedding. Yes, the off-season rates and easier scheduling are appealing, but the warm, familiar color palette of fall wedding colors has become increasingly attractive to romantic couples of all ages and backgrounds. For example, several of Pantoneís rich, romantic 2013 colors adapt perfectly for both rustic and elegant wedding celebrations at this time of year.

For die-hard seasonal enthusiasts, Pantoneís Koi 17-1452 is the perfect orange to bring to the wedding. Slightly tamed and less sassy than its brighter version, this happy, optimistic color is a perfect bridesmaid dress choice. Of course, the bride will have chosen her dress first, but simply coordinating her sash, shoes, or bouquet with a pop of the same vibrant color quickly harmonizes the overall look. Creamy or off-white wedding dresses in vintage styles are popular for this time of the year. Shoulder straps and lace reflect the Victorian influence revived by movies such as ďThe Great Gatsby.Ē These choices seem tailor-made for an intimate fall wedding celebration. They are also adaptable for colorful shrugs or shawls for cooler evening temperatures.

Since autumn is already such a beloved season, finding color-matching invitations, candles, flower arrangements, and table decorations is easy. Pantoneís warm-red Samba 19-1662 and chocolate Carafe 19-1116 are rich and inviting. The darker version of moss green, Deep Lichen Green 18-0312, has a matching intensity that brings natureís foliage into the equation. While black might be overwhelming or too closely related to Halloween, Pantoneís dark charcoal version, Turbulence 19-4215, can add a touch of drama and sophistication.

Decorating Ideas for Halloween

Next to Christmas, Halloween is the most celebrated holiday in the United States, and most families canít wait to start making their homes and yards festive for the occasion. Although you canít change the fact that orange and black are inextricably linked to this event, with a little effort and imagination, you can create a variety of low-cost special effects that do not require painting your house to look like either a pumpkin or a casket.

If you happen to already have an orange-toned accent wall in your home, you have the perfectly prepared background for your favorite accessories. Pantoneís popular 2013 fall colors such as Koi (orange), Linden Green, Deep Lichen Green, Turbulence (charcoal, and Acai (rich purple) are ideal accent wall choices, and if you have a natural affinity for these warm colors, you may already have the biggest part of your decorating done. Just bring in the pumpkins and candles, black throws and rugs, and even black bedding and towels. Youíll soon be ready to entertain.

On the other hand, if your personal decorating style is much different, donít try to make big, expensive changes. Throw orange or black throws over furniture pieces and group them together for more impact. The living room or dining room is usually the most adaptable space. Consider changing out the curtains, pillows, and the lampshades temporarily. Layer a large clear vase with bands of Halloween candy for a striking statement. Use black rugs and black decorations generously. Halloween word art can be made and framed cheaply. How about a Halloween tree with clear lights and orange and black trimmings? Find cheap dinnerware at a dollar store and paint it with ceramic or glass paints. Donít forget a themed tablecloth and napkins as well. A colorful Halloween wreath on your front door or a spooky outdoor display reminds visitors and passersby that you are in the mood to celebrate.

How to Choose the Perfect Interior Color Palette

Whether you want to spruce up a tired room or to design an entirely new look for the whole house, getting the color scheme right is the first and most essential step. Creating a home atmosphere that is both comfortable and appealing requires thoughtful choices and some basic knowledge of the theory of color. A standard decoratorís color wheel can be a huge help.

Since you will want your home to have some sense of consistency and flow, start with three or four bold colors and then narrow the choice down to your favorite two. If you are having a problem getting started, check out your own wardrobe. Do you spot any trends? Perhaps you see more sedate navy blues, cheery reds, warm browns, or soft pastels.

If the wardrobe does not present any answers, look around your home at pieces of art, patterned rugs and furniture, or floral arrangements. Chances are, you already own something whose color combination appeals to you. Check in magazines and online for sample styles and room designs. By collecting your favorites in a scrapbook, you should begin to see your own personal tastes emerge.

Donít be afraid of color. The wonderful thing about paint is that it can be a relatively inexpensive change-out. However, to avoid big, unwanted makeovers, consider the following interior color palette tips:

Tips and Tools of Color Schemes Usage For Web Developers

I have often witnessed an extraordinary design concept with poor selection of colors. All designers must remember is that a great web design is a perfect combination of typography, layout and, of course, color schemes. As a designer, if you are capable to make these aspects work and complement each other, you will give birth to a perfect web design. Color schemes definitely play a vital role in designing any interactive website. I personally believe that it can also serve as a means of communication. We all know that whenever a visitor visits any website, color schemes are one of the first things he notices.

There are multiple reasons to why color schemes are super important and take a big role in any design process. One of the reasons is that colors can deliver your message across. Not only this, your color scheme will also affect the mood of your visitors. Effective and good color schemes will influence your visitors in many ways. You can imagine the importance of color schemes with the fact that multi-national corporations are investing millions of dollars these days to decide a perfect color scheme for their brand, packaging and of course websites.

The web is undoubtedly chock-full of so many color scheme tools that will help you in making the perfect color scheme. Obviously, not all tools will bring the same mesmerizing effect but yes, these tools can help a lot. In order to make things convenient for you, we have compiled a list of some of the great tools for selecting color schemes for your website.

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