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Choosing the Right Swimsuit Colors for Summer 2014

This year’s 2014 swimsuit colors and styles are all about having fun in the sun. Both one-piece and two-piece designs are playful and exciting, and best of all, there seems to be a style and color for every shape and skin tone. While bathing-suit shopping may be one of your least favorite pastimes, armed with a little information, you can find the perfect suit to highlight your best features on the beach or at the pool.

For example, neon colors such as lime green, electric pink, citrus yellow and fluorescent orange will be popular again this summer. For a new twist, try mixing and matching tops and bottoms of different colors. You will easily spot neon pops of color in this summer’s bold patterns and prints. Notice them in chevron and geometric styles as well.

California-based Beach Riot promotes “Barbie,” a bright fuchsia color that seems to flatter every skin tone by creating a nice olive glow. This shade also works well as a complement to neon orange and neon yellow. Hot pink is a great choice for those with dark hair and light, creamy skin tones and for redheads.

Choosing Your Graduation Party Colors

One of the most important events in the life of every young person is high school graduation. The second most-important event is the graduation party that follows. It can be an intimate family dinner at a special restaurant or a huge blow-out weekend at a fancy resort, but the most common and colorful celebrations are often held right in the family’s home or backyard.

Wherever you choose to celebrate this milestone, the first step is to pick a theme and the appropriate graduation party colors. If you want to use your graduate’s high school colors, check with local party stores that normally stock those combinations. Bunches of balloons are inexpensive. They add energy and excitement to any celebration. Tie them in key locations, or build an entire wall for a dramatic backdrop.

However, if you have limited access to shopping or the local store’s color choices are meager, consider purchasing online. At, shoppers can use a special color finder to locate the nearest store that carries their personal color preferences, or they can order directly and have the items delivered to the nearest store at no extra charge. With 18 specialty colors to pick from, you’re sure to find the right combination for your graduation party.

Popular Sun Glass Colors for 2014

Well-made sunglasses are much more than just a fashion accessory. They can also be a valuable source of protection for your eyes in a variety of weather and light conditions. Whether you follow the newest trends or prefer tried and true classics, sunglasses can complement or update your wardrobe; disguise tired, bloodshot eyes; add a touch of mystery to your appearance, and build self-confidence into your performance. Each year, companies such as Ray-Ban, Oakley, Armani, and Maui Jim introduce their newest lines, designed for both work and play, and for 2014, once again there are some exciting trends to watch.

Mirrored sunglasses were first introduced in the '80s and then reintroduced a few years ago. One reason they will continue to be extremely popular is the fact that they photograph extremely well. With cell phones and cameras everywhere, wearers can trust that these sunglasses will always show them at their best. While mirrored sunglasses come in a variety of colors, for 2014, vibrant blue seems to be the new favorite. There is just something energizing, attention-drawing, and slightly edgy about blue reflective lenses. Ray-Ban’s Wayfarers are an example of this popular new stand-out color that is prized by the younger generation. Other popular mirrored lenses include metallic gold and pink, but green, yellow and dark or black are also available in almost every style and shape.

Dark gray, smoke, or gray-green lenses will continue to be the most popular choice for functionality this year. They are also the shade most recommended by eye doctors because they are color-neutral and cut overall brightness without causing color distortion. Not only do they reduce glare, but they also provide longer wearing comfort and keep UV levels down in the safe zone. This color has been the choice of the military for over 45 years and with obvious good reason. Because they transmit all colors without changing their value, these sun glasses are ideal for bright days and activities such as water sports.

Celebrating with Easter Candy Colors

One of the wonders of springtime is the abundance of colorful displays put on by a waking world. For centuries, it has seemed more than fitting to join the celebration of new life with a wide variety of Easter candy colors. Well before Christianity staked claim to this special time of year, the ancients had their own way of celebrating rebirth, and the delicacy of choice was the egg.

Hindus, Phoenicians, Persians, and Egyptians honored the egg and made the process of decorating it into a regular art form. Earliest efforts included dyes from roots, bark, leaves, tea, coffee, fruits, edible flowers, and even vegetables. To make the patterns more intricate, the eggs were wrapped in ferns before being immersed in dyes.

The Ukrainians created bold solid-red eggs that reminded them of the shed blood of Christ on the cross. Egg-rolling contests symbolized the rolling away of the stone that covered the entrance to Jesus’ tomb. The Macedonians became skilled at creating etchings. The 57 famous Russian Fabergé eggs were never meant for snacking! Delicately crafted of gold, silver and jewels, they exist in private and museum collections today.

Add Meaningful Colors to Your PowerPoint Presentation

Since time immemorial, colors have reinforced our emotions, disposition and decisions. Dark clouds on a workday prod us to bring raincoats or umbrellas to the office. Vibrant flowers in springtime bring about a delightful ambiance. Universal traffic lights signal pedestrians to stop or cross the lane.

This concept of color reinforcement should be thought through when creating a PowerPoint presentation. To make the visual material more effective, designers or speakers should ponder if their choice of colors enhances the viewer’s concentration, learning and knowledge retention.

To help you reflect on the possible impact of selected hues, here are color facts worth noting:

Colors create a significant impression

Among the five senses, sight is the most responsive to marketing tools. The eyes see and examine the product’s qualities, most especially the color.

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