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Finding the Right Apple Watch Color for Your Lifestyle

Date: 2015-03-30 21:03:55, By: Admin

This year, April will not only be welcoming colorful spring flowers, it will also debut the new, equally colorful Apple Watches. With a variety of faces, finishes and interchangeable bands, this new take on a traditional staple has everyone wondering just how well Apple's newest offering in five years will be received.

The new Apple Watch has two case sizes: 38 mm. and 42 mm. It is designed to be worn on either the left or the right wrist. The finishes include a dulled space-gray aluminum, a shiny space-black stainless steel, an 18-Karat rose gold alloy and an 18-Karat yellow gold alloy. A sapphire crystal is standard.

Apple Watches are also available in a variety of faces. For serious business, the traditional look is always appropriate, but Mickey Mouse and his friends are also choices for a more playful approach. Because the faces are customizable, shoppers can create a watch that reflects their personal interests. Delicate butterflies, solar lines, and the world as seen from afar are just a few examples that cater to utilitarian or simplistic designs.

Perhaps the most interesting possibilities lie in the assortment of interchangeable bands that Apple is offering. The Sport Watch bands are made of durable fluoroelastomer and available in lime green, pink, blue, white and black. With frames of anodized aluminum in space and silver gray, each watch is sold with two band choices per box. Interestingly, the various colors are also of different weights. White is the heaviest band and the brightest neutral color. Blue is a bright, rather impudent hue. The lime green version is definitely sassy and fun loving. Pink is actually more of a confident coral. Black is the lightest in weight. Like the little black dress, this band can go anywhere and move easily from daytime to nighttime activities. For shoppers who want to broaden their color choices, Apple will eventually be selling separate bands in additional colors for about $50 each.

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Going Green for St. Patrick

Date: 2015-03-12 20:03:47, By: Admin

When St. Patrick's Day is celebrated on March 17, we are once more reminded that spring is following close behind. However, this joyous holiday once held much more somber tones. The Roman Catholic Church originally created the day to honor St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. As a youth in fifth-century Roman-controlled Britain, he was kidnapped by Irish marauders and held as a slave for six years before escaping and returning home. After his conversion to Christianity, he felt led to return to his former enemies and spent the remainder of his life ministering to them.

Legend says that blue was originally identified as St. Patrick's color, but in the sixteenth century, green became the more popular choice for several reasons. Green is the color of the shamrock (clover) whose three leaves he used to teach the Trinity. Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle because of its lush green farmlands. Green is also in the Irish flag, and it is the representative color of the Irish Catholics of the country. Protestant-Irish citizens traditionally identify with orange.

Until the 1970s, Irish laws required all pubs to be closed on the 17th of March in honor of St. Patrick. Here in the United States, celebrating took a much different form. With the massive influx of Irish immigrants in the 1700s, the day was secularized with boisterous parades, beer kegs and parties, especially in Boston and New York City. By 1995, Ireland saw the potential tourist boost and began promoting St. Patrick's Day around the world. It is estimated that one million visitors will be in Dublin to celebrate this year, and the pubs will definitely be open.

Tags: St. Patrick's Day Green, Color Green, The Colour Green

Enjoying the Holi Festival of Colors

Date: 2015-03-01 10:03:53, By: Admin

It won't be long before the brilliant colors of India are literally blowing in the wind. With a little help from celebrants of all ages, the country's Holi festivals bring joy and laughter while celebrating the end of winter and the coming of spring. Also called Dol Jatra Basantotsav and Phagwah, the Hindu festival of colors also honors love, the triumph of good over evil and the universal brotherhood of man.

Many stories claim to explain the origin of this colorful holiday. One such legend suggests that young Lord Krishna complained to his mother that he was jealous of the fair complexion of his soul mate, Radha. To indulge her son, the mother gave him permission to color Radha's face with any colors he liked. Tradition says that young lovers have been decorating each other with brilliant yellows, blues, magentas and of course, reds, the color of passion, love and matrimony in India, ever since.

No age group, gender or religious devotee is safe from mischievous children and teens hiding around corners with buckets of colored water called rang, water jets and packets of dry powdered colors known as gulal. Shrieks of laughter are only dwarfed by riotous singing as everyone joins the festivities in the village streets and main gathering places. It doesn't hurt that local brews are flowing freely.

Tags: Holi, Holi Symbolism, Festival Colors

Choosing the Right Colors and Flowers for Valentine's Day

Date: 2015-02-05 21:02:24, By: Admin

Valentine's Day and the colors of love will soon be upon us. For the majority, giving flowers is one of the easiest ways to show passion, affection and devotion. This year, romantic Americans will spend more than 2.1 billion dollars on fresh arrangements and bouquets for their loved ones, but not all shoppers will pick traditional floral gifts.

For 2015, three Valentine trends have emerged: Shoppers seem to prefer home-grown flowers to imported ones. They are a bit tired of red roses and carnations, and they want a romantic, vintage theme.

Many of this year's shoppers will be purchasing their flowers at some of the 8,268 farmers' markets sprinkled across the country. The idea of home-grown eggs, fruits and vegetables has now expanded into the realm of flowers. Picking up a bouquet at the local outdoor market is appealing to many and easily possible for those in the Southern states. However, Northerners will probably be ordering their colorful Valentine arrangements online through sites such as or in person from local florists.

Last year, more than 257 million roses were grown specifically for Valentine's Day. As was the custom in ancient Persia, a red rose speaks of love and romance, of beauty and perfection. The black center indicates the lover's heart, "burned to a coal by love's passion." Because roses are delicate and expensive, they communicate a deeper depth of love and commitment. However, one single long-stemmed red rose can carry the same sweet passion without breaking the bank.

Tags: valentine's day, holiday colors, flower colors

2014 Fall Fashion Colors for Women

Date: 2015-01-10 10:01:58, By: Admin

When it comes to the best fall colors for women's wardrobes, the differences in opinion are huge. For some folks, autumn is the perfect season to echo nature's wardrobe and pull out those warm rusts, earthy browns, and golden yellows, shades that would have been much too overpowering for summer. On the other hand, this year's New York Fashion Week runways have suggested an entirely different approach for fall 2014. Some attribute this radical shift to bold, bright saturated colors to be an expression of a deeper desire to make dressing up a little more fun and a little less serious.

Actually, this year's fall color palette is a win-win selection for everyone. Realistically, not all women look their best in the typical yellow-based fall shades. Those who do are usually red-heads, women of color, and women with warm yellow skin undertones, earthy eye colors, and darker natural hair shades. Such women are stunning in yellow gold or copper jewelry and those traditional fall colors.

For something new with a traditional flare, designer Salvatore Ferragamo offers a "Bronze Medal" shade this fall that is much like dulled gold, a little less sparkle but a rich patina that will be a perfect addition to the traditional fall color lineup. Also, Versace offers "Ketchup," a bold, undiluted and very powerful red that will work as a total statement or as a tasteful accessory purse, belt, hat or shoes.

Back on the runways, the trends are definitely leaning toward cooler, brilliant colors. For example, Pantone's trans-seasonal shade "Aurora Red" is also a power color, but it is a little more bluish and might be a better choice for those with cooler skin tones. "Sangria" is also a grown-up red, but it suggests a hint of glamour and risk. Two purples and two blues add some romance and whimsy to the list. "Mauve Mist" is feminine and eloquent, while "Radiant Orchid" is adaptable and versatile. "Bright Cobalt" has a smidgeon of green undertones, and Pantone's "Royal Blue" has become a popular alternative to navy. Tibi's version of this color reminds shoppers of fresh blue jeans.

Tags: fall fashion colors, wardrobe colors, fall color palettes
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