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How to Choose the Best Color Combinations for Your Website Design

Date: 2016-11-06 08:11:54, By: Admin

Is having the best possible color combination for your website design really that important? The answer is a resounding “Yes!” Some research indicates that almost 50% of your home page visitors will not return to a site that is visually unappealing, regardless of the excellence of the product or service being offered. It would seem that as important as new technology is, keeping your website attractive, relevant and trendy is definitely worth the effort.

The following are some questions to consider for optimizing your site with the best color combinations:

1. Who is your target audience? Gender, culture and age are important here. It seems that, while men prefer blue and orange combinations, women tend to enjoy red and yellow designs more. Overall, however, blue remains the most mutually popular website color for both sexes. Do you hope to garner worldwide interest? If so, you need to be aware that colors carry different meanings in different parts of the world. For example, purple may indicate passion, romance and mystery in Western culture, but in parts of the Middle East, it is suggestive of prostitution. In fact, it may not be the best choice for most products or services offered specifically to Christian, Jewish or Islamic populations. Similarly, white is pure and clean in the West but reflects unhappiness and bad fortune in India, China and Japan. Lastly, today's young people are much more attracted to vibrant website color designs than are their older counterparts, who tend to prefer more subdued sites.

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Color Trends for Class A Recreational Vehicles

Date: 2016-07-18 12:07:23, By: Admin

If there were one color scheme to describe the 2016-2017 trends in large recreational vehicles (RVs), it might be summed up as “50 Shades of Greige.” This somewhat subdued, even understated marriage of grays and beiges continues to grow as a popular choice for camping vehicles, especially the Class A coach crowd. When you think about it, this actually makes sense, considering the type of consumers who are most apt to purchase luxury Class A vehicles. While they obviously must enjoy recreational camping and road trips, they are also probably accustomed to luxury surroundings in most situations.

Because gray tends to be a sophisticated and elegant color, its presence brings that sense of luxury right into the RV. With a slight tweak, beige can be either cool and reserved or warm and earthy. Put these two colors together in a paint blend such as Sherwin Williams' Perfect Greige 6073, Gray Area 7052, Agreeable Gray 7027 or Wool Skein 6148, and you have an organic blend that can warm up a space to make it friendlier or cool it down to a preferred level of elegance.

In reality, big RVs are not wearing a lot of painted wall space. Rich medium-brown to dark-brown wooden cabinetry is plentiful in every living area because it usually provides premium storage space, and most of that is located on the walls. Wicker Glazed Maple, Carmel Glazed Cherry, and Manhattan Glazed Maple are three wood finish choices in the 2016 Newmar Ventura and Ventura LE. While you might correctly guess the tones of the first two, the Manhattan Glazed Maple creates a much blacker shade of cabinets.

Tags: recreation vehicle colors, rv interior colors, rv color schemes

From Kids' Coloring Pages to Adult Coloring Books, a Brief History

Date: 2016-04-10 16:04:17, By: Admin

In the spring of 2015, adult coloring books hit the American market, climbing quickly to the top of Amazon's Best Seller list. Coloring pages for adults started appearing on Pinterest, and completed designs were proudly showcased on Facebook. Choices in crayons, gel markers and colored pencils became the topic of artsy discussions, as did highlighting and shading techniques. It seems the adult world had rediscovered the simple joys of colouring.

In truth, coloring books have been around for some time. In the 1880s, McLoughlin Brothers published “The Little Folks' Painting Book.” Richard Outcault introduced “Buster's Paint Book” in 1907, one of the first coloring books that would be designed to advertise everything from pianos to tobacco. Milton Bradley created its own line art in the 1920s, but it wasn't until the 1930s that crayons were invented, and a much less-messy medium increased the popularity of colouring pictures.

Very quickly, educators realized the value of kids' coloring pages. Not only could they keep restless hands busy during story time, but they also encouraged conceptual understanding, developed cognitive abilities, improved fine motor skills and might even be “spiritually edifying.” As a non-verbal medium, colouring sheets could be a valuable tool in ESL classes. They could also be used to motivate unwilling students to learn material they would otherwise find uninteresting.

Tags: coloring, coloring pages, coloring book, free coloring pages, kids coloring pages, colouring sheets, colouring, color pages, colouring pictures

Wedding Colors

Date: 2016-03-09 22:03:39, By: Admin

Colors are an important part of weddings. When you first think of the word wedding you will naturally think of white. That is the natural color of Western weddings. Yet every wedding will have a color scheme. A color scheme is important because it helps unify everything. And by everything I mean the dresses, the flowers, the tablecloths and anything else you can think of that goes into a wedding. In this article, we're gonna talk about how to choose colors for your wedding in 2016.

Wedding Traditions and Colors

White is the color of weddings. The reason for this goes back a couple of hundred years and Queen Victoria. She wanted to show off some expensive lace that she had received. And white was the best way to do that. Another reason why white has been associated with weddings was because it was a way to show off your wealth. In historical times, you were truly wealthy if you could afford to wear a white dress because that meant you knew if it got dirty, then you can afford to throw it away. But colors go beyond white in any wedding. Let's look at some of the ways colors are used in a wedding.

Wedding Theme and Colors

It's popular that when you plan a wedding you choose a theme. It could be something like Western. Or fairytale. Or getting more specific like a peacock. In each of these themes certain colors will naturally align. For example, in a fairytale wedding, you will think of reds and pinks. Meanwhile, for a peacock wedding, you will think of blues and greens. And there's a lot away you can get green into wedding colors. In particular anything that has flowers and, of course, the actual bouquets. Yet each wedding season will also bring their own color trends.

Tags: wedding colors, wedding traditions, wedding color schemes, wedding color theme, green wedding colors, wedding party colours

Working with Pantone's New Colors of the Year

Date: 2016-01-20 20:01:24, By: Admin

For the first time in the 16 years that Pantone has been announcing its “Color of the Year,” two complementary, mid-tone shades are sharing this prestigious honor. Rose Quartz #13-1520 and Serenity #15-3919 are the interesting winners. Yes, the colors pale pink and equally gentle light blue are paired together for a combination effect that appeals more to emotions than ever before.

Unquestionably, 2015 was a stressful year globally. Because Pantone chooses its color of the year as a reflection of and response to societal trending, the calming, peaceful feelings evoked by these two non-threatening shades makes more sense in a nervous and unpredictable world. Rose Quartz has been described as gentle, persuasive, compassionate and composed. Serenity's blue tone captures the imagination with descriptions such as airy, weightless, relaxing, and tranquil. Pictures of endless sky come to mind. Put the two sweet colors together, and the effect is one of peaceful balance.

A second reason why these colors were chosen together is even more intriguing. Culturally, it would seem that the gender divide is narrowing rapidly lately. People are rebelling against the idea of being defined by the color and style of colors they choose to wear to express their personality and gender. The modern day connotation of pink for girls and blue for boys is being loudly challenged on the fashion runways, in Hollywood, and in the shopping malls and streets of America. Placing pink and blue side-by-side is a subtle way of blurring the contrasts by reflecting a new gender equality and fluidity.

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