Popular Sun Glass Colors for 2014


Well-made sunglasses are much more than just a fashion accessory. They can also be a valuable source of protection for your eyes in a variety of weather and light conditions. Whether you follow the newest trends or prefer tried and true classics, sunglasses can complement or update your wardrobe; disguise tired, bloodshot eyes; add a touch of mystery to your appearance, and build self-confidence into your performance. Each year, companies such as Ray-Ban, Oakley, Armani, and Maui Jim introduce their newest lines, designed for both work and play, and for 2014, once again there are some exciting trends to watch.

Mirrored sunglasses were first introduced in the '80s and then reintroduced a few years ago. One reason they will continue to be extremely popular is the fact that they photograph extremely well. With cell phones and cameras everywhere, wearers can trust that these sunglasses will always show them at their best. While mirrored sunglasses come in a variety of colors, for 2014, vibrant blue seems to be the new favorite. There is just something energizing, attention-drawing, and slightly edgy about blue reflective lenses. Ray-Ban's Wayfarers are an example of this popular new stand-out color that is prized by the younger generation. Other popular mirrored lenses include metallic gold and pink, but green, yellow and dark or black are also available in almost every style and shape.

Dark gray, smoke, or gray-green lenses will continue to be the most popular choice for functionality this year. They are also the shade most recommended by eye doctors because they are color-neutral and cut overall brightness without causing color distortion. Not only do they reduce glare, but they also provide longer wearing comfort and keep UV levels down in the safe zone. This color has been the choice of the military for over 45 years and with obvious good reason. Because they transmit all colors without changing their value, these sun glasses are ideal for bright days and activities such as water sports.

Dark amber, brown, and yellow sun glasses are warmer colors that offer slightly brighter color while enhancing both depth perception and contrast. Oakley Navigators are favorites of cross-country skiers in the winter, hunters in the fall, and golfers in the summer. These glasses reduce glare and are best-suited to low-light situations or changing weather patterns. Pilots and tennis players also seem to favor them.

Love seeing the world through rose-colored glasses? That could be because rose-tinted sunglasses are more soothing to the eyes and tend to improve road visibility by blocking out scattered blue light effects. Because they reduce glare, these glasses are ideal for working outdoors on your computer too. They are especially effective against blue or green backgrounds. Pink Serengeti Aviators are both functional and fashionable.

For 2014, sun glass frames also have something new to offer. Matte frames in bold colors are trendy now. Minus shine, gloss, or transparency, these purposefully understated frames make an especially powerful statement when combined with any reflective lenses. Flocked velvet frames are another new look. FarFetch.com sells Italia Independent wayfarers in bold, bright colors, but you can also find flocked sun glass frames in over-size aviators.

Clear, colorless frames, also called "dear frames" present another fresh fashion statement. They are most effective in strong shapes and thicker frames. MrPorter.com carries Cutler & Gross clear sun glass frames in a variety of styles. Since "luxury" seems to be the theme word in fashion and decorating for 2014, don't be surprised to see delicate gold color detailing on many sunglasses as well. Even touches of glitter and neon will be popular embellishments. Regardless the season of the year, sunglasses serve both function and fashion, and for 2014, there is no shortage of choices when it's your turn to shop for that perfect pair.




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