Popular Car Colour Trends That Match Your Personality


According to clinical psychologist Holly James, "We are drawn to a certain colour because we want that attribute in our life." While certain color attractions may lie in our subconscious, consumer research proves the point that buyers are definitely drawn to products whose colors in some way reflect their interests and values. This holds true for the car industry as well. At least 77 percent of all car shoppers say that color is an important factor in whether or not they will purchase a car. Another 31 percent claim that they are willing to pay more for a vehicle in a color they prefer. Car dealers need to take note because a startling 39 percent admit that they will walk off a lot that does not have the vehicle they want in the right color.

From 2001-2010, silver was the most popular vehicle colour in the world. Silver represents a practical sophistication with a slightly futuristic appeal. As a business color, it has been highly successful. Interestingly, drivers of silver cars are 50% less likely to be involved in automobile accidents. However, in 2011, the color white stepped into first place in the United States.

White is seen by many as a clean, uncomplicated and non-threatening look. A full 50 percent of the cars sold in the United States last year were painted some shade of white. Black is the third color in the top three choices. Drivers identify with the power, elegance, sexy and sometimes mysterious quality of a black automobile. There's just something bold and no-nonsense about a shiny black vehicle. In fact, in Europe, black was the dominant color in 2011. In Asia, silver held the number one place.

The automobiles for 2012 may come in a variety of colors, but almost all are available in these top three choices. Buyers can pick up a Mazda in "Liquid Silver," a Ford Fusion in "White Suede" or an Acura ZDX in "Crystal Pearl Black" or "Aspen White Pearl." Of course, these three colors are not the only choices on the market. The Mazda is also available in a striking "Copper Red Mica." Red has always been the color of speed, risk-taking, dominance and passion. Virtually every sports car is available in some shade of this color. Camaro and Corvette automobiles are sold in "Victory Red," but you can also pick one up painted in "Inferno Orange."

The fun yellows, lime greens and other quirky colors appeal to personalities that like to live outside the box. These drivers want to make a fun statement, and they reflect their uniqueness by choosing less typical vehicle colors. Only about 1 percent of car sales fall into this category. Most drivers choose to be less obvious, but they still let their choices reflect their personality. Gold vehicles are popular with those who love comfort and luxury and are willing to pay for it. Light browns are basic and simple for those who really prefer to be unnoticed. Blue continues to grow in popularity. It reflects a classic, conservative approach to life.

Blending colors seems to be the newest trend in automobile and truck color choices. New proposed shades include "Golddeluxe," a silver-gold combination; "Pot O'Gold," a light green with gold option; "Muddy Waters," a brown and pearl mix; and "Grape Spritz," a blue and purple pairing. One can only wonder which blended shades will capture the hearts and affection of the car buyers of the future-or will white, silver and black remain the ever-popular favorites.




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