Myspace Color Codes


MySpace is the latest craze for keeping in touch with old friends and meeting new ones. Once you sign up for an account, you are given a page, similar to a web home page. On this page, you can list several things, such as your interests, favorite music, favorite television shows, your heroes, and whom you would like to meet. You can have graphics and animated GIFs on your page that tell visitors a little bit about you and your personality. You gather "friends" by asking them to add you to their friends list or by responding to requests from another user to add you.

You could think of your MySpace page as sort of like your home - you can dress it up to impress people. Color and the MySpace color codes you choose to decorate your page are important. If you are using straight HTML, you can find a list of colors to use at many places online by searching for "color wheel."

But, finding the MySpace color codes is the easiest part. The hardest part is to pick colors that reflect you and your personality. Certain MySpace color codes will evoke certain characteristics. For example, red is often seen as a passionate color that stimulates and empowers. If you use a lot of red in your page, you may be conveying to visitors that you are passionate about life. Orange, on the other hand, often stimulates the appetite. It is also seen as a color that makes people feel charitable. Yellow has the characteristic of energy and expansion, while blue evokes peace and relaxation. Green can show both balance and growth. Pink soothes and promotes affection, while purple comforts and promotes spirituality. White has the characteristic of purity and black shows independence. Be sure to choose a color combination that reflects your personality. When choosing two MySpace color codes, be sure to look for codes that compliment each other. If you are looking on a color wheel, the colors that compliment each other are opposite of each other.

One thing you may want to keep in mind is using browser safe colors. Because you do not know if someone visiting your page is using Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, or some other browser, you want to choose safe colors. MySpace color codes that are not safe colors can result in your page looking different to those using a different browser than you are using. There are 216 browser safe colors that should display the same or similar look on all browsers.

Be sure to choose the correct MySpace color codes so you MySpace page reflects exactly who you are!




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