Impact of Colors on Classroom Environment


If we could do without colors, then God probably would have created humans color-blind. He has given us a vision that allows us to experience and identify a huge array of colors, and our minds associate all the object it sees with colors, hence there is no argument there that color is an important aspect of our lives.

Similarly, children associate everything that they see with colors too. Their tender minds are always in the learning process by observing new things, one thing that impresses their mind are the colors. Although in older days schools did not pay much attention to the colors of the classroom or colors of the furniture for they would prefer something that will be economical and functional, today the scenario is changing pretty fast. Schools are giving importance to colors and interior decorations too to enhance the learning environment. How the color alters the look of a classroom and its impact on the minds of children occupying it has been understood well. Each color has its own vibe and effect on emotions and for in a learning environment, a positive vibe and a positive impact on the mind is extremely necessary, which some of the colors help provide. The colors that are used in a classroom environment should aid in maximizing retention of information retention and also help encourage participation.

Did you know that 80% of children love to read colorful texts with colorful images? The way to making a domain helpful for learning in a study hall is to provide the right ambiance with the right colors. It should neither be overstimulating the children nor should it be too dull. The colors should provide the children with a relaxed mind, promote calmness, and make the children feel happy and comfortable. Too many bright colors such as red and orange can cause overstimulation, whereas colors like green and blue can provide the right environment that we described above.

You can know more about how the colors can influence a study environment and how it can impact children’s mind in this beautiful and detailed infographic by Simply Glass Wipe Boards. It features several surveys for your reference, and all the important details regarding the impact of colors have been talked about. This will help schools and other education institutes get an idea as to how important the role of colors in a classroom. Please go ahead and read it.

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Impact of Colors on Classroom Environment

If we could do without colors, then God probably would have created humans color-blind.

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