Emerald Wins Top Place as Pantones Favorite New Color for 2013


The wait is over. The new color choice for 2013 has been announced. Say hello to Pantone 17-5641 Emerald. This calm and sophisticated hue will be a welcome contrast to the high-energy Tangerine Tango of 2012. Sitting miles apart on the color wheel, emerald green creates an entirely new feel and anticipation for things to come. Since green has traditionally been associated with life, energy, rebirth and well-being, this positive color is full of hope and expectancy for better things ahead.

Perhaps its positive attributes explain why emerald green has been such a popular color for more than 4,000 years. Deep green gemstones were known and sold in ancient Babylon. They were mined in Upper Egypt and made into favorite jewelry pieces for Cleopatra. Aristotle believed that owning a brilliant green emerald would improve one's business, health and general opportunities for success. The Incas worshiped this powerful stone they found hidden in deep in the mountains.

The favorite choice of both royalty and celebrities, emerald green gems can be found in the Russian crown jewels and several of Queen Elizabeth's pieces. Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor and Sharon Stone all received beautiful engagement rings featuring emerald green centerpieces. Sparkling green seems rich and luxurious when surrounded by glittering diamonds.

Pantone does not make its yearly color-choice announcement lightly. With a 50-year tradition as the world provider of color standards, the company scours the globe for trends and sources of inspiration. New technology, world events, popular entertainment themes, art, travel destinations and even industrial designs can provide clues about which color will best suit the current pulse of the world community. Emerald green is sure to be a huge hit at a time when everyone is hoping for a prosperous and healthy future.

Look for this multifaceted shade in all areas of fashion design this year. As a rich jewel-tone color, emerald will be showing up at night clubs and high-end formal affairs. However, it also has a casual and whimsical side. When worn as an accessory instead of taking center stage, it can be lighthearted and sweet, almost nostalgic. Expect to see an abundance of green in sportswear and casual clothing lines for both men and women.

Sephora will also be adding this new hue to its make-up line. As an eye shadow, it is the perfect complement for all eyes. Emerald enhances green eyes, deepens brown eyes, emphasizes the green undertones in hazel eyes and is compatible with blue and gray eye colors. It complements all lip shades, especially pink ones, and can be a great punctuation mark for exciting nails.

Decorators are very happy about Pantone's choice too. Green is the most abundant color in nature and the one the human eye recognizes most. As such, it will be a popular choice to bring indoors this year. Emerald is perfectly suited to the recent trend of creating a single "focus" wall in a room, a simple, easy way to change the entire feel of a living space. Less expensive and less overwhelming than painting an entire room, creating one vibrant green wall can be a great, safe decorating choice.

Emerald green accents can also be added to white, blue or yellow themes by exchanging throw pillows, slip-covering chairs, repainting a single piece of furniture, hanging new curtains or adding art work, vases or jar lamps. Sometimes, a few "pops" of color around the room are sufficient to change the entire mood and feel of the space. The wonderful thing about this newest green is that it will transition nicely from spring to summer to fall and into winter's Christmas season. This is going to be an exciting and promising year for Pantone's No. 17-5641 Emerald.

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