Cool Colors Offer a Calmness


Cool colors are blues and greens and everything in-between. These colors have a calming effect and represent comfort and nurturing. Purple, even though it contains the hot color red, is also considered a cool color. Cool colors give off a quiet feeling that can make a person feel more relaxed and restful.

Most cool colors will appear smaller than warm colors. Since these cool colors tend to recede, using them in the background of a design works well. When selecting the colors for your webpage, learning more about cool and warm colors can be beneficial. Cool colors can create a clear and crisp web design that gives a calming effect on the viewer. Visitors to any website will feel the affects of the colors used in the design. Colors can cause many emotions to rise and using specific colors on your webpage can help you control a viewers emotional state. Cool colors used on a website are the most often used since more people seem to enjoy the feeling of calmness. This makes the site appear easier to read which means the visitor is more likely to visit your site for a longer period of time.

Often visitors to websites will decide whether a site is a good site or a bad site simply by how the colors make them feel. Using simple cool colors often will help in the design of your site. Do not forget to use white on your site. This helps in readability and will keep the site from feeling cluttered. When a visitor feels overwhelmed from too much color, they are less likely to stick around. The color of green gives off the feeling of healing, growth, youth and freshness. Adding the cool color of blue will add calmness and quality. Blue is the most used color on the net because of its ability to promote wisdom and reassurance.

Color is a powerful tool when it comes to design. Whether selecting the color scheme for your home or your website, you can choose the mood it provokes. Depending on the mood your looking for or the product you wish to sell, choosing cool colors will provide a calming effect while warm colors such as hot red and stunning orange evoke energy and urgency. Warm colors are often used to get attention. Use these colors sparingly to keep the cool and relaxing feeling to your cool color page.




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