Color Meanings


When designing a web page, color is a very important factor After all, if you have a home page that is just black and white, it will appear boring and bland to visitors However, if you have a home page that has too many colors or colors that do not go together well, that can also turn off a visitor The object of most web pages is to get the visitor to return Color is a powerful tool to use to help provided those desired results.

In order to use the correct combination of colors on your web page, it is important to understand color meanings That is, you should know which colors compliment each other and make a good match, as well as understanding, which colors clash and should not be used together Color meanings can affect humans in different ways For example, did you know that in some people, the color red could increase their blood pressure What about the color white Americans use it in a joyful sitting - for a weddingut, did you know that in some Asian cultures, white is worn when someone is mourning Have you ever had someone tell you they were green with jealous?

Because some colors have preconceived color meanings, we must use them with care when trying to attract web visitors Colors that are next to each other on the color wheel are often harmonizingut, you must be careful when using colors that are close in valueecause they are so close in value, they may looked washed out or not have enough contract to make an attractive web page For example, yellow is a lovely color, but if you had two different shades of yellow on a web page, it probably will not be enough of a contrast to make it look nice

Different colors have different color meanings The cool color group - blue, green, turquoise and silver - are seen as calming colors The warm color group - red, pink, yellow, gold, and orange - are see as exciting colors There are colors that are in the mixed cool/warm group - purple, lavender, green, and turquoise Then there are the colors in the neutral color group - brown, beige, ivory, gray, black, and white These tend to have a unifying affect.

Before creating your web page, take time to consider the color meanings and how colors might affect your viewers Think of what type of reaction you want someone to feel when they visit your page and look for colors that might evoke that feeling.




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