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Adding color text and other color elements to your web page is as simple as color by number. The use of hexadecimal coded colors will provide you with the ability to add a variety of colors to your web page. Learning more about how hexadecimal coded colors work will help you see how these codes can provide better web pages for you and your business. Adding color to your web page can provide you with a great way to grab attention from your visitors.

Using only a single color on your web page will create a bland page that will not help your visitors focus. Try adding a bright color to the most important sections of your page to bring the attention where you want it. Contrasting colors will work if used sparingly. Do not overwhelm your visitors by trying to use every shade of blue or by using every color in the rainbow. Learn more about hexadecimal coding and the ways it is best used to attract the right customers.

RGB stands for Red, Green and Blue. A hexadecimal color code will contain six characters (numbers/letters). Two characters will represent Red, two will represent Green and the final two will represent Blue. These characters will range from 00 to FF with 00 representing the least amount of color. A hexadecimal code of #FF0000 will represent the color Red since the two Fs are in the red column providing the most color from this section as possible. Ther green and blue sections have 0 color. To get a bluish-green color you will have 0 red and plenty of green and blue which will look like this in code: #00FFFF. These color by number codes are simple to use and can be changed to any shade or color you can imagine.

Text is not the only element on a web page that can use color by number codes. The background color can be changed by simply adding the html code . This will change your background to a solid green. Links are often blue in color but did you know that you can change the link to any color you would like? Use the code, for a bright magenta link. You can also add color to selected cells within a table, to headers, and have visited links change to another color.

You can brighten up any web page by using several colors of text. Try several combinations until you find what works best. Often a contrasting color will bring attention to your most important link. Do not use too many colors on one web page as that can be distracting and will not be as effective as a well planned web design. Once you have set the colors on your web page, ask viewers for comments. You may discover that some colors do not show up on some browsers and this will mean rethinking your web colors.




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