The Color Black Can Add Elegance to Any Website


The color black says formal and mysterious. Black is actually the total absence of any color. Sometimes black is thought of with fear and was used when costuming the "bad guys" in old western movies. Later black represented strength and authority with our movie heroes wearing black. Black is considered formal and elegant. When wearing black you appear thinner, conservative and powerful. This color alone can represent mourning and death. It is often thought of as the color of rebellion.

Other colors used against black make them appear brighter. When adding red, orange or yellow with black, these give the feeling of power and strength. Almost all websites use the color black. Most will have black text and others will incorporate black in it is logo and design. Knowing that colors can effect our mood can help us select the right colors for our webpages. Taking into consideration who you are trying to attract to your website will help you when choosing colors. Black in the United States will be associated with death while in China it is associated with happiness. Adding other colors will help change this mood and give the feeling you are after for your site.

Using too much of the color black on a webpage can slow down the rate of which the page opens. Try using a white or lighter background. With a light background this will help take away the dreaded death association with the color black. Adding a neutral such as gray will also give it a more formal feeling. Adding a bright color such as red will help bring the attention of the reader to the most important sections of your site. Using a bright color for links will help your readers find them easily. White, black, gray and a touch of maroon will give you a classic and elegant webpage.

Some webpages will use color schemes that exclude the color black and they will add only black text making the text easy to read. Links of course should be of another color even after they are clicked on. Visitors to your site should not feel like they need to search for links or be overwhelmed with too many bright and contrasting colors. Start with a simple design and carry it throughout your webpages for consistency. Use the color black sparingly and wisely to add a formal and elegant feel to your website.




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