Choosing the Right Swimsuit Colors for Summer 2014


This year's 2014 swimsuit colors and styles are all about having fun in the sun. Both one-piece and two-piece designs are playful and exciting, and best of all, there seems to be a style and color for every shape and skin tone. While bathing-suit shopping may be one of your least favorite pastimes, armed with a little information, you can find the perfect suit to highlight your best features on the beach or at the pool.

For example, neon colors such as lime green, electric pink, citrus yellow and fluorescent orange will be popular again this summer. For a new twist, try mixing and matching tops and bottoms of different colors. You will easily spot neon pops of color in this summer's bold patterns and prints. Notice them in chevron and geometric styles as well.

California-based Beach Riot promotes "Barbie," a bright fuchsia color that seems to flatter every skin tone by creating a nice olive glow. This shade also works well as a complement to neon orange and neon yellow. Hot pink is a great choice for those with dark hair and light, creamy skin tones and for redheads.

Classic vintage looks will also be popular this summer. Black and white combinations look stylish and sophisticated. Expect to see other hints of yesteryear in polka dots, bows, flirty skirts and ruffles. In a flashback to the 50's, Nicolita offers a sweet pink and black polka-dot bikini that will turn heads in any setting.

You can also expect to see popular jungle prints lounging around the pool. The most desired creations will be animal prints, animal-figure motifs on print backgrounds and rich jungle-foliage prints. It may be helpful to remember that small prints work best for petite sizes; large prints are great on tall, slim women; and medium prints are generally most flattering on large women. The Australian company Suboo offers an exotic jungle line of bathing suits for all shapes and sizes.

Geometric prints with blocks of color will be returning. For 2014, the upgrade will be that designers have actually cut out some of these blocks, creating some rather odd but interesting bathing-suit designs. For the person who wants to be noticed, these suits will do the job. All prints will sport rich, saturated colors that make their own fashion statement. Beach cover-ups and carry bags will be equally as bold.

Fashion designers have decided to continue the nautical look this summer. In addition to the traditional navy blue and white combination, they have added touches of red, gold and silver anchors, knotted rope designs and charming polka-dot bows. Nautical print fabric will also be used in both one-piece and two-piece suits.

According to fashion designer Monica Wise of L*Space, the most flattering bathing suit color for all skin types is some version of blue. The darker shades can hide or disguise a problem area, and the lighter turquoises act as highlighters. Her company offers suits in minty blues, periwinkles and teals.

Red is a powerful standout color that looks particularly great on blondes and light-haired beach-goers with fair skin tones. Earthy colors are also flattering on these folks. Light-skinned people with dark hair can enjoy the rich jewel tones such as emerald and plum. Very light-skinned blondes and redheads will be their best in cobalt blue and almost any shade of green but lime. If you have medium skin tones and dark hair, enjoy those flashy neon colors. Victoria's Secret sells a bright yellow bikini that will light up the beach.

Olive-toned people with medium or dark hair are the few who can really stand out in a black bathing suit. They also look terrific in army green, tangerine, pale blue and taupe. Finally, if you have both dark skin and dark hair, gravitate to the lovely soft pastels including a gentle gray. This summer is going to be a great year to get outdoors. Enjoy the water in one of the many bathing suit designs and colors that is just right for you.




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