Choosing the Right Jewelry Colors for Your Loved One


It would seem that jewelry has always been the perfect present for a loved one, and holidays, birthdays and anniversaries are the equally perfect occasions for such gift-giving. By choosing specific gemstone colors, you can further identify those qualities that you value in your significant other or in your special relationship.

Every woman loves to receive jewelry, and rings, pendants, bracelets necklaces and earrings are always considered appropriate personal gifts. Not only can these items be constant reminders of the affection of the giver, but they are also easy to show off to friends and associates. For natural health practitioners, the color and type of gemstone can represent a variety of healing properties. For others, there is the belief that good fortune and magical powers may accompany certain colors. Even the month in which you were born is associated with specific gemstones.

How do you choose the right jewelry for your loved one? While women may say they can't wear one of the two most popular metals, gold and silver, they are probably really stating that they simply prefer one to the other. Keep those personal preferences in mind when shopping for your loved one. With all the shades of gold available today, you can choose a very bright yellow that would look great on anyone with darker skin tones, or you can purchase white gold, an ideal choice for those with white or gray hair or blue undertones in their skin.

Gemstones may have traditional, historic, mystical or healing properties, but most women just like certain colors better than others. The most popular choice for Christmas, Valentine's Day, anniversaries and other romantic occasions is the ruby. Red is the color of passion, romance and even sincere friendship. A ruby also represents royalty and power. Purchase the jewelry piece in a heart shape and your message of love becomes even more poignant. Red rings are always worn on the left hand to draw on life forces and to act as protective agents.

The word sapphire means blue in the Greek language, and although not all sapphires are blue, the power, love and healing of this color are as strong and deep as its essence. Blue sapphires can be pale to almost black in color. Today, they are usually mined in Australia. For Christians, blue symbolizes heaven and devotion to God. Also called the "Stone of Destiny," the blue sapphire speaks to youthfulness, truth and peace.

The perfect emerald can be even more valuable than a diamond and certainly as beautiful. The brilliant green of this gemstone speaks of hope and faithfulness and long-lasting love. Most emeralds are mined in Colombia and Brazil under their correct name, beryl.

Icy, blue-green aquamarine also comes from South America. Known as "Water of the Sea," this gemstone offers peace and serenity as well as healing and protection. Early Romans considered it a useful agent in the treatment of stomach problems, and tradition says this stone will protect its wearer from the effects of harmful communications.

Tanzanite, an African gem, is the modern birthstone for those with December birthdays. Its lovely violet-purple color has become a popular choice for women, regardless of when they were born. Tanzanite creates a calming, peaceful presence and tends to raise levels of consciousness. Power, healing and love are associated with this gemstone.

Buying jewelry for your significant other can be a bit challenging. However, learning about that person's individual likes and dislikes can help. For most women, any fine piece of jewelry will be a clear message of your love and affection, and for that reason, your gift will truly be appreciated.

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