Choosing the Right Fall Wedding Colors for Your Special Day


This year, the months of September, October and November will play host to almost one third of all the weddings held in 2014. Why the increase? It's true that these months are generally freer from extreme temperatures and in many places, off-season rates are available, but one of the main attractions is the wonderful variety of fall wedding colors. As nature puts on her own annual fashion show, brides are realizing how easy it is to incorporate those same shades into a stunning wedding event.

For 2014, the top favorite fall wedding color is "Merlot," a deep, romantic cranberry that works well with a variety of color combinations. For example, pair Merlot with Indigo Blue and a neutral white, gray or ivory for a powerful, sophisticated color experience. Team this same rich shade with an equally luxurious gold and complements of other warm, fall colors for a truly autumnal event. Turn up the romance with a delicate palette of Merlot, Blush (grayed-pink) and Ivory. Add some Victorian lace and soft lighting, and your fall wedding colors will be the perfect backdrop for this special occasion.

That same Merlot becomes elegant and sophisticated when contrasted with traditional wedding white or heirloom ivory. Delicate ribbons of Merlot can decorate the cake, tie napkins and place holders, or weave their way through green archways. Choose white calla lilies for the bridal bouquet and deep red flowers for the bridesmaids. Red votive candles will add a romantic touch, especially as they cast their rosy glow at evening receptions.

For some couples, choosing the right color combinations for such an important event can be a bit daunting. Fortunately, fall has its own, easily observable color scheme. If you hope to have at least part of the festivities outdoors, you will definitely want to work with Mother Nature for a coordinated look. Take time to consider the beauty of the fields, the trees, the shrubs and the unique fall foliage at your chosen site. While the typical wedding flowers may not be as available at this time of the year, roses are always a safe choice, and like dahlias, they come in a variety of colors.

Other popular fall wedding colors for 2014 include Camel, Bronze, Pumpkin, Mustard, Light Sage, Mauve Mist, Sangria, Teal and Navy Blue. The latter two may seem like a strange combination, but when accessorized by sparkly blue-stoned jewelry, the effect is dramatic. Pairing unlikely colors is a popular trend at the moment, so feel free to let your imagination play with the colors that most appeal to you. However, bear in mind that fall colors tend to be rich and strong-toned and work best when they are equally yoked with similar intensities. They also demand textured accessories for a balanced effect.

Sangria and Mauve Mist are proof that the shades of purple continue to be popular regardless the season or event. If these are your favorite hues, feel free to build your fall wedding color scheme around them. Gold accessories can be the perfect bridge to the warmer colors of autumn. How about spray painting tiny pumpkins gold, using gold-rimmed goblets, wrapping take-home gifts in gold foil paper or adding gold table-runners over pristine white table cloths? Succulents are also popular additions to fall wedding colors this year. Use them as table centerpieces and incorporate them into flower arrangements.

Fall is the perfect destination spot for your storybook wedding. Go rustic, eco-friendly, simple, family-friendly, Victorian, sophisticated or extravagant. This season shares enough fall wedding colors to accommodate your personal preferences. With a little thought and planning, you can have the autumn wedding of your dreams and a perfect beginning to a lifetime together.




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