Choosing the Perfect Fall Wedding Colors for Your Special Day


Each year, autumn arrives bringing different temperatures and environmental changes across the landscape, and each year, more and more couples are choosing September, October, or November as the perfect time to schedule their wedding. Yes, the off-season rates and easier scheduling are appealing, but the warm, familiar color palette of fall wedding colors has become increasingly attractive to romantic couples of all ages and backgrounds. For example, several of Pantone's rich, romantic 2013 colors adapt perfectly for both rustic and elegant wedding celebrations at this time of year.

For die-hard seasonal enthusiasts, Pantone's Koi 17-1452 is the perfect orange to bring to the wedding. Slightly tamed and less sassy than its brighter version, this happy, optimistic color is a perfect bridesmaid dress choice. Of course, the bride will have chosen her dress first, but simply coordinating her sash, shoes, or bouquet with a pop of the same vibrant color quickly harmonizes the overall look. Creamy or off-white wedding dresses in vintage styles are popular for this time of the year. Shoulder straps and lace reflect the Victorian influence revived by movies such as "The Great Gatsby." These choices seem tailor-made for an intimate fall wedding celebration. They are also adaptable for colorful shrugs or shawls for cooler evening temperatures.

Since autumn is already such a beloved season, finding color-matching invitations, candles, flower arrangements, and table decorations is easy. Pantone's warm-red Samba 19-1662 and chocolate Carafe 19-1116 are rich and inviting. The darker version of moss green, Deep Lichen Green 18-0312, has a matching intensity that brings nature's foliage into the equation. While black might be overwhelming or too closely related to Halloween, Pantone's dark charcoal version, Turbulence 19-4215, can add a touch of drama and sophistication.

When you think about flower arrangements, aim for the "just-picked-from-the-garden" look. Bigger blossoms, fruit, twigs, cones, and a host of other seasonal items can be incorporated into your fall wedding colors. Especially large blossoms are ideally suited to the richer, stronger colors of this season. It's almost as if fall is putting on a grand finale before the quietness of winter settles over the land.

If the traditional fall colors are not all that appealing to you, you can still achieve your dream wedding during this season by making a few significant substitutions. Consider making Pantone's rich purple Acai 19-3628 or stormy blue Mykonos Blue 18-4434 your theme color. Keep your wedding dress cream-colored or off-white and add matching accents. For a more dramatic statement, you might want to pair purple and orange, Koi and Acai. Just don't let them overwhelm your wedding theme.

Fall wedding colors do not always have to eliminate the more-feminine pinks and blue-reds. Pantone's Vivacious 19-2045 is sweet and intense and will hold its own with Koi, Carafe, and Turbulence. In fact, such combinations have a dramatic and sophisticated edge that is very exciting and are also perfectly appropriate choices during the autumn months. Carry over touches of the same colors in the invitations, the wedding cake, candles, and other wedding accessories.

Lastly, for a much softer fall wedding color scheme, consider a blending of a dusty rose and Pantone's lighter Linden Green 15-0533, with muted gold as an accent. Touches of the warm yellow in the gold pull the other colors comfortably into the fall setting and mood. With a little thoughtful planning in your color choices, you can create a fall wedding that will be every bit as beautiful as the one you imagined in your dreams.




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