The Right Cell Phone Accessory Color for the Right Age Group


Who would have ever thought that cell phone covers could become a hot fashion statement and that color choices could play such an important role in protecting our favorite mobile devices? At this time it is estimated that 90% of the adults in the United States and 44% of young people between the ages of 10-18 are cell phone owners. Instead of having one utilitarian phone case or cover, it has become popular to pick up several to match various outfits or activities. Each age group and gender seems to have its own preferences, but there are so many colors and styles available today that shopping for the perfect accessory can be quite an adventure.

For the younger children, cell phone covers that capture their favorite cartoon characters are extremely popular. Tweety, Tinkerbell, Sponge Bob, Princess and even Mickey Mouse phone cases are high on the list. However, about 75% of the "Barney" generation is also in love with purple, and a phone cover in this color is also a hit. Little girls still like to express themselves in pinks of various intensities and some of the younger boys are attracted to the camouflage colors of their favorite war heroes.

As they get older, the young women in the tween and teen set are all about being hip and glitzy. Bright pink combinations, lavender and powdery blue express their "girlie" side, but patterns, lots of bling and fake jewelry are also popular. Many girls acquire a virtual wardrobe of cell phone cases to accessorize their various outfits.

Many teen boys are more into the cool macho and "Goth" look. Psychedelic, flashy color combinations are also favored. Not yet into any semblance of a conservative approach to life, they are more apt to care about their covers and cases as a way to reflect their independence and personal interests almost as much as the girls. Teens tend to compare their phones and accessories and compete for the "coolest" looking phone almost as much as for the one with the most features and apps.

While not as obvious, women also care about coordinating their cell phone cases to their outfits or occasion. Softer, browner pink, the designated fashion color for 2011 is a favorite, but so are brighter colors and the metallic finishes. Floral designs and artistic patterns are popular as well. Some women, myself included, choose a cell phone case that matches something they love. (Mine is blue, like my electric blue Beetle.) It's also easier to locate in my cavernous black purse where items go and are never seen again.

Men, especially white-collar cell phone users, have been the most resistant to color statement trends, preferring a conservative look and functionality. Basic black or silver with a metallic finish are the most popular. Dark colored, rubberized covers are gaining ground because they tend to stay put and feel secure to the touch. It has also become quite fashionable to buy a cover that carries the insignia of your college or favorite professional sports team or organization in its easily identifiable colors.

The choice of color for cell phone cases and covers remains an expression of individual tastes and personality. Fortunately, there really is a color and design for everyone in today's expanding mobile device and accessories market, especially for those who buy one, two three or more...




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