Best Home Exterior Paint Color Combinations for 2014


Is it time to repaint the outside of your home or to choose what colors will grace the exterior of your new place? Summer trends in exterior house paint for 2014 include a return to the basics, a purposeful blending with the geographic location, an appreciation of architectural style and a gentle push towards making a dramatic but tasteful presentation. Understated elegance might be another way to describe the colors of newly painted homes across the country. Simplicity may be the general rule, but this in no way limits your ability to add your own individual expression.

For example, whites such as Behr's Ultra Pure White and Sherwin-Williams' Extra White are going to be best sellers this summer. However, they are less apt to dress the entire body of the house as they are to be dynamic, attention-getting trim against darker dramatic colors. Fine architectural details will pop when outlined in these clean whites. Similarly, creamy shades will be another staple on the exterior house colors paint palette for 2014. Although they will be a popular body choice, they will also be charming accent colors for trim.

Smart home owners like to show off any unique house design or architecture, and one guaranteed way to do that is to let the house colors point out those special features. A charming little craftsman bungalow will ooze personality in Benjamin Moore's peaceful sage green, Thicket. Minimal trim work of deep blue, purple or gold will complete the look. On the other hand, a relaxed Spanish villa looks best when dressed in casual earthy tones, especially if it is a large structure. Let the red trim-work match the red roof tiles for an impressive overall appearance that does not overwhelm the landscape. Imagine a stately colonial in a classic tan or soft beige with dramatic charcoal trim and white highlights.

A third consideration is the geographic location of the home. In the Northeast, Victorian houses are apt to be unveiled wearing Americana colors, while in the Midwest, tinted grays and creams cover both suburban homes and farmhouses. Whether on the east, south or west, coastal homes continue to be easily recognizable by their cheery peaches, yellows, seafoam greens and ocean blues. Soft desert shades are a fixture in the Southwest.

According to Sherwin-Williams, 2014 is about "A Breath of Fresh Air," and that color is best represented by its light, beachy blue, which this trusted company offers as this year's newest neutral. However, Sandy Beige and Concrete Gray have also won favor as modern, adaptable neutrals. In fact, gray continues to hold its own as an important part of so many outdoor color schemes. Benjamin Moore offers a steely version called Flint and a very pale hue called Wickham Gray, while Behr's Mountain Haze, a pale greenish-gray is also expected to be a favorite outdoor paint color.

For those who prefer a more dramatic approach, deep grays with light cream-colored trims are a powerful combination. Expect to see more classic white houses with dark trims to create the same attention-getting appeal. Sherwin-Williams' combination of Black Fox for the body and Sassy Green for the complementary trim creates a most dramatic effect.

Perhaps you would like to change your home's exterior without repainting the entire building. For 2014, many homeowners are choosing to make a cost-efficient, dramatic statement by repainting just their front door and adding a pop or two of matching color somewhere nearby. Deep shades of red, happy blues and sleek blacks are popular choices.

Whatever your choice, bear in mind that your home's exterior should reflect something of the personality of those living within. Because you never get a second chance to make a first impression, choose an exterior house paint design that shows your house at its best. In turn, your home will make you look great too.




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