2014 Fall Fashion Colors for Women


When it comes to the best fall colors for women's wardrobes, the differences in opinion are huge. For some folks, autumn is the perfect season to echo nature's wardrobe and pull out those warm rusts, earthy browns, and golden yellows, shades that would have been much too overpowering for summer. On the other hand, this year's New York Fashion Week runways have suggested an entirely different approach for fall 2014. Some attribute this radical shift to bold, bright saturated colors to be an expression of a deeper desire to make dressing up a little more fun and a little less serious.

Actually, this year's fall color palette is a win-win selection for everyone. Realistically, not all women look their best in the typical yellow-based fall shades. Those who do are usually red-heads, women of color, and women with warm yellow skin undertones, earthy eye colors, and darker natural hair shades. Such women are stunning in yellow gold or copper jewelry and those traditional fall colors.

For something new with a traditional flare, designer Salvatore Ferragamo offers a "Bronze Medal" shade this fall that is much like dulled gold, a little less sparkle but a rich patina that will be a perfect addition to the traditional fall color lineup. Also, Versace offers "Ketchup," a bold, undiluted and very powerful red that will work as a total statement or as a tasteful accessory purse, belt, hat or shoes.

Back on the runways, the trends are definitely leaning toward cooler, brilliant colors. For example, Pantone's trans-seasonal shade "Aurora Red" is also a power color, but it is a little more bluish and might be a better choice for those with cooler skin tones. "Sangria" is also a grown-up red, but it suggests a hint of glamour and risk. Two purples and two blues add some romance and whimsy to the list. "Mauve Mist" is feminine and eloquent, while "Radiant Orchid" is adaptable and versatile. "Bright Cobalt" has a smidgeon of green undertones, and Pantone's "Royal Blue" has become a popular alternative to navy. Tibi's version of this color reminds shoppers of fresh blue jeans.

The fall color "Cypress" evokes towering, dark, somewhat moody green. It is both majestic and powerful. Expect to see this rich color in long calf-length coats and below-the-knee skirts as well as a variety of accessories. Fendi has taken Cypress a step further, mashing in some blue to create "Deep Teal," the perfect choice for highly textured clothing items. Instead of chocolate brown, Pantone suggests "Cognac," a classier, cultured brown that will be right at home in evening wear and formal attire. This shade is also a surprise addition to fall prints, especially when paired with "Misted Yellow," a gentler yellow with just a hint of warmth.

Gray remains popular in the 2014 fall color lineup. Pantone's version "Aluminum" is comfortable as a seasonal transition color. Its stainless steel shade is a bit complex and futuristic, but this color looks stunning with pink, white, red and blue. Gray wardrobe additions are particularly attractive on women who are over 40 years old. The design company Whistles has added its own twist to gray by throwing in a tinge of purple to awaken this unassuming color a bit.

This fall's color lineup may not appear traditional, but many of its colors can be added as accessories for a new, bolder wardrobe. After all, for most women, changing seasons means finding a few new pieces, not starting over. Enjoy all the color options this fall. There's a shade and style for every taste.




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