Choosing the Right Colors and Flowers for Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day and the colors of love will soon be upon us. For the majority, giving flowers is one of the easiest ways to show passion, affection and devotion. This year, romantic Americans will spend more than 2.1 billion dollars on fresh arrangements and bouquets for their loved ones, but not all shoppers will pick traditional floral gifts.

For 2015, three Valentine trends have emerged: Shoppers seem to prefer home-grown flowers to imported ones. They are a bit tired of red roses and carnations, and they want a romantic, vintage theme.

Many of this year's shoppers will be purchasing their flowers at some of the 8,268 farmers' markets sprinkled across the country. The idea of home-grown eggs, fruits and vegetables has now expanded into the realm of flowers. Picking up a bouquet at the local outdoor market is appealing to many and easily possible for those in the Southern states. However, Northerners will probably be ordering their colorful Valentine arrangements online through sites such as or in person from local florists.

Last year, more than 257 million roses were grown specifically for Valentine's Day. As was the custom in ancient Persia, a red rose speaks of love and romance, of beauty and perfection. The black center indicates the lover's heart, "burned to a coal by love's passion." Because roses are delicate and expensive, they communicate a deeper depth of love and commitment. However, one single long-stemmed red rose can carry the same sweet passion without breaking the bank.

As popular as roses are, this year's trendsetters are stepping away from traditional Valentine colors and flowers for something a little different. Cheerful tulips and elegant lilies are capturing the moment. Classic and affordable, tulips represent love, warmth and comfort. White Casa Blanca Lilies are dramatic and expensive with a heady fragrance. They radiate classic beauty and purity, a cut above the rest. Other Oriental lilies such as California-bred pink and red Stargazers will be popular in Valentine arrangements.

For those hearkening back to sweet memories of yesteryear, the double and triple-petaled pink Roselily is a perfect choice. It is newer to the market and perhaps more difficult to find, but the fact that this gentle lily is also pollen-free and more delicate in fragrance should make it a regular choice in the future. According to, Syndicate's "Cottage Lane Collection" of flower arrangements has some perfect choices for Valentine's Day. Think of the flowers that once grew in Grandma's garden: summer roses, gardenias, Gerbera daisies, hydrangeas, callas and many more lovely varieties. Soft pink and purple combinations are nostalgic and romantic.

ProFlowers offers three unique Valentine color arrangements that will capture and communicate the message of love effectively. "Hugs and Kisses" combines a dozen tulips and a dozen irises for a snappy effect. "Smooch" softens the impact with pink tulips and purple hyacinths. For deep, enduring relationships, "Always and Forever" marries white lilies to the deepest of red roses.

Not all Valentine flowers need to be exquisitely expensive. Sweet pink carnations symbolize new love or special friendship. Also available in red and white, they last a long time and are often found at local department stores. Alstroemenia, or the Peruvian lily is long-lasting and easy to find. Its pink blossoms represent friendship and devotion.

With so many choices, it might seem difficult to decide on the right flower arrangement for the love of your life or the person for whom you hold a special affection. If all else fails, choose his or her favorite flower or color, and you can guarantee that your gift will always be a Valentine's Day success.




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