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With cooler autumn weather arriving, many women choose to adjust their nail colors as well as their wardrobe. Because popular nail shades and styles tend to follow the newest fashion trends established on runways and celebrity finger nails, the choices for fall and winter are easy to spot and duplicate. However, one carry-over from the summer months is the clean look of nude nails. This type of manicure is especially ideal for the professional workplace where bold colors can seem less serious. Because chips are less noticeable, nude nails are also ideal for busy women who use their hands continually and have little time for touch-ups.

New nail colors are slightly lighter than last fall but darker than the summer shades. Reddish browns are rich and earthy. In fact, a variety of powerful shades of red will once again be adorning lovely fingers as the most popular color for seasonal holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Deep, dark royal plum has been gathering a following as well. The color goes well with almost every outfit and can be worn at both casual and formal events. This new plum shade is considered a little edgier than the more traditional reds, but it remains softer and less intimidating than black.

Speaking of black, this color has no longer been relegated to the Goths and other sub-cultures. While it is still a bit rebellious, it has become increasingly popular among the celebrities and even in some career tracks. For those who want to tame this look down a bit, dark metallics can make an equally powerful statement. Graphite nails offer an industrial chic and tough edge with an air of sophistication. Charcoal overlaid with silver sparkles creates an impact that is both bold and yet still feminine. Putting glitter over dark shades will continue to be popular this fall and winter as a way to customize your own personal look.

Another fashion trend in nails is the continuation of purposefully mismatching nail colors. Once done only by bored teenagers, this unique nail style has now worked its way into high fashion and design. Celebrities such as Khloe Kardasian have made navy an unusual but popular choice. Spring will see the introduction of a dirty chartreuse or mustard color that is also unique and intriguing.

Green nail colors for fall and winter are slightly darker and deeper than their spring counterparts. Both forest green and emerald green nails appear elegant and sophisticated, and either flat or glittery finishes are suitable. Even shimmery, iridescent greens will work well as long as they contain no yellow or blue tones and complement your skin color.

Midnight blue is a great winter choice because it makes a bold statement and works nicely with glamorous outfits. By putting some glitter over the top, you have created your own personal fashion statement. Icy blues are also stunning and perhaps more suitable for the workplace. Customize with silver stenciling, a hint of glitter or special tips.

It may be time to put away the crackle look, French manicures and baby pink pastels, but there is no shortage of wonderful nail colors for the fall and winter months. You are only limited by the time you need to switch shades and special effects.


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