Color Purple - The Royalty color

The color purple is associated with royalty, mystery, wisdom and magic. Purple is made up of equal amounts of red and blue. Red is considered the warmest color while blue is the coolest and together they create a perfect color. Its found that purple is the most preferred color choice of all children. This color is rarely found in nature and is thought by some to be an artificial color.

Light purple and dark purple have different meanings. While light purple gives off romantic feelings, a deep dark purple can create sadness. Purple robes are associated with royalty while the darkest purples are associated with funerals and death. Still a bright purple can reflect fun, playfulness and excitement to a child, while lavender can give a feeling of calmness and peacefulness. Purple in its many tones can set the stage for many moods.

Webpage designers have found that red is often overused as the highlighted features on a site. When purple is used as the contrasting color, many people are more drawn to this color and more likely to click on this link. Purple is a great color to use when designing a website. Whether it is used as the contrasting color to attract attention to specific areas or all over the whole page, purple in its many shades can appeal to just about anyone. Bright purples are best used to promote childrens items. Deep purples are often used on religious sites or those wanting to make a powerful yet firm statement.

Color is important when it comes to web design. When creating a webpage its best to know the meaning of colors. Colors will have different meanings in different parts of our world. They also bring out different feelings with different genders and ages. Learning all about colors will help you come up with the best design for your website. For instance, in Tahiland the color purple represents mourning while in Europe it will hold the meaning of royalty. Take into consideration the product or service you are promoting before designing your website and choosing your colors. More than 75% of all children prefer bright purple over all colors so if you are promoting childrens products, purple will be a good choice for your site.

Many people are quick to judge and just like in person, when they first see a website, they will believe they know what the page is about. If you opened the page to baby pinks and blues, wouldnt you believe the site is about babies? When choosing your website colors make sure you know who you are trying to attract to your site. The color purple in a deep tone will evoke richness while a bright purple will give off the feeling of cheerfulness. Purple can be used sparingly throughout your pages and in several shades and tones. Studies have shown that bold primary colors work best in advertising on the web, so a bright purple at least used sparingly as an attention getter is your best bet.