The Color Pink - Can it help you relax?

The color red is thought to be a strong and violent color. It is known that more red cars get stolen each year and more red cars are ticketed by the police each year. Why is this? Red is an attention getter. Red makes the heart pound faster and often leads to speeding. So what about the color pink? Pink is the softer side of red and is often found to have the opposite reaction of the color red. Studies show that pink often makes people feel more relaxed and can even create physical weakness.

Pink is thought of as feminine and is associated with baby girls. The color pink is rarely found in mens clothing and will go in and out of style for men. Pink is thought to be a romantic color while red is the hot and passionate color. When using pink on a website most people will associate it with romance and women. If you are looking for a more sophisticated use of pink on a webpage, try adding small amounts of pink with black and grey. This gives the page more of a classic look and not too childish. Baby pinks are thought to be just that, used for baby girls, so stick with salmon pink or deeper pink tones.

The color pink will also look great if used together with other shades of pink. This monochromatic look will still be on the softer side and will create a warm look to any website. Take into consideration what you are promoting with your webpage. Selling tools or cars on a pink page will not appeal to most men. Chocolate candies, lingerie, and other feminine items may attract more visitors with a pink website. Using pink sparingly is also a good choice.

The color pink represents peace. Wearing soft pink tones can give off the feeling of peace and calmness. Pink is a non-threatening color and has been proven to help people feel calmer. Pink is often used to create a feeling of relaxation and calmness. Prisons have used soft pink paint on walls to help alleviate aggression in prisoners. Football teams will paint their opposing football locker rooms a pale shade of pink in order to weaken the team.

Feng Shui believers use the color pink to soothe the energy in a room. They believe that pink soothes the heart and then fills it up with love. Feng Shui users will place the color pink in the Love and Marriage part of the room, which is in the southwest area of a room. Pink bedrooms and bathrooms are common in Feng Shui homes. Combinations of pink and green are also used in Feng Shui. Pink represents fire while green represents wood.

An elegant combination often found in these homes will be pink with black. Black is considered to represent water which is also a soothing combination. Those that use Feng Shui believe that too much pink in a home is not beneficial. Living in pink can five off a fantasy effect leading the owner of the home to believe they are living in an illusion. Small amounts of pink are best, such as a bowl of pink rock crystals on a mantel or coffee table.