Color Green - The color of Wealth

When we first see the color green we think of Life. Green means growing, health, renewal and environment. Others will view green as envious, jealousy and inexperience. A bright or light green can give off a fresh and spring time feeling while darker olive greens bring on thoughts of army uniforms and the military. Green can have a calming effect. In a home design, plants are often used to bring green into the surroundings.

Some colors are known as warm colors such as red, yellow and orange. Green, along with blue are considered cool colors and symbolize spring-like green growth and cool blue water. The color green is thought to bring a feeling of tranquillity and is also known for its good luck. Research has shown that the color green can actually improve a students reading ability. When a transparent green sheet is placed over reading text it will increase the readers speed and comprehension. It may be because of a calming and relaxed state that the color of green puts us in. Many television shows will sit waiting guests in a "Green room" to relax and relieve their stress. Many nurses and hospital workers will wear a pale green to soothe their patients.

When designing a webpage the use of green can set the mood of the site. Choosing the colors for your website is just as important as the design that goes into your logo. Start designing your website by selecting your colors. If you choose a monochromatic color scheme, you can use different shades of green along with a neutral color, such as white or gray. Add an accent color such as red to bring attention to the areas you want noticed. Analogous color schemes will use colors that are found next to each other on the color wheel. Shades of greens and blues can make a calming webpage. If you choose to go with contrasting colors with one choice green, the opposite of green is red and you may end up with a page that appears to be advertising the Christmas holiday. Text in a contrasting color is often difficult to read. Use contrasting colors wisely.

Have you ever thought of people who are color blind and what they actual see when viewing a website? The hues found in contrasting colors such as red and green appear the same to color blind people making it difficult and sometimes impossible to view a page using these colors. 1 out of ever 20 people have problems viewing this color combination.

Using a neutral color in the background with red along one side, black text and highlighted text in red would be the best way to engage the colors red and green in your page for everyone to enjoy. Other combinations of contrasting colors are viewed the same way by the color blind. Take this into account when designing your page. When designing, imagine the two contrasting colors as one color. If you are placing green text on red it would be the same for you as putting black on black.

There are many things to consider when creating your website. Choosing your colors wisely can help encourage visitors to return. Remember that green represents not just growth but money.