Choosing the Right Color Scheme for Your Wedding

Choosing the color scheme for your wedding is one of the most important decisions you will need to make, although it is not necessarily the first. At the top of your list will be the wedding venue. Will you be indoors or outdoors? Will you be in an all-purpose room that you can decorate with your colors or in an already stylized room with its own color scheme? Unfortunately, some very beautiful venues are limited in their adaptability to a variety of color decorations. If you absolutely must be married in one of these locations, make up your mind to build on the colors already prominent. You’ll benefit from what already exists, and yet you can still customize for your special occasion.

Once the location is decided, you may want to think about the seasonality of your wedding. While there are no hard and fast rules, and today’s trends offer even more freedom than years ago, by bearing in mind the traditional colors of a season you may be able to blend those into your own tastes. For example, a New England fall wedding would be elegant in burgundy, dark green, gold, burnt orange, cream, taupe, rich browns and plum.

Winter weddings can be magical with a snow white, cranberry and platinum color scheme. Throw in some hints of deep berry for accent, and you have a beautiful combination. Royal colors such as navy blue, emerald green and regal purple are other possibilities. If you choose a strong color such as one of these, you might consider adding lighter shades for a monochromatic but impressive color scheme.

A spring wedding, by contrast, might favor lighter colors such as turquoise, lemon yellow and mint green. Combining a light and a deep pink with green and white creates a striking palette. Tangerine, lilac, lime, yellow, hot pink and soft violet shades are other trendy colors for spring weddings.

Summer weddings look lovely in red, orange, yellow, lilac, lavender and various blues. A combination of dark purple, lavender and earthy green is stunning. Tying together silver, green and light purple is another great option. How about royal blue with light yellow and white? Black, white and yellow weddings are sophisticated, but pink, green and orange color schemes can be lovely as well.

Destination and theme weddings have become increasingly popular in recent years. Follow the color clues of your exotic location for a perfectly picturesque wedding. For example, if you will be by the beach, consider butter yellow and chocolate brown with sunset colors for accents. Island weddings are beautiful in navy blue with yellow and white floral accents. The aqua of the water, the blue of the endless sky and passionate bright red are also local favorites.

You may want to consider the wedding mood you wish to convey with your color scheme. The new trend in sophisticated celebrations is to look slightly old-fashioned. Dusty pear green with light aqua, light tangerine and gold can be breath-taking. A funky and fun wedding would require bold, saturated colors such as hot pink, Kelly green and bright orange, to which deeper jewel tones or chocolate brown can provide some balance.

When it comes to choosing your wedding colors, you really can’t go wrong. Today’s newest color trends even encourage combining those colors that wouldn’t necessarily be chosen together. As soon as you know what limitations your location imposes, feel free to experiment with your favorite colors. Use fabric swatches or paint sample cards to compare the effects of your combinations. After all, this is your wedding. Surround yourself with the colors you love.