Best Colors for Your Baby's Room


No bedroom is more lovingly planned than the baby's nursery. Every parent wants the youngest member of the family to feel safe and happy in a bedroom that is colorful and interesting. Choosing the perfect color palette for your baby's room depends on several factors. For some parents, continuity is important, and if the rest of the house is traditional, they want the nursery to echo that theme. On the other hand, other parents like incorporating variety into their decorating style and try to match individual rooms to the personality of the occupant. Additional considerations include the size of the room, the natural lighting available, the gender of the baby and special features such as murals or architecture.

Modern baby-room trends can echo color combinations that are also popular elsewhere in the house. Grey and yellow or black and white pairs are favorites for those who appreciate a modernist approach. Bold vibrant colors are also popular. Traditional parents tend to favor vintage white with pastel accents or green and violet pastel combinations. Eco-conscious parents will probably carry their earthy color theme from the rest of the house right into the nursery.

Today's parents often know the gender of their babies even before they are born. This advantage allows them to decorate in the right colors before baby comes home. Boys will be fine with any color on the color wheel except pink or purple. Baby girls can settle happily into any color as long as red or blue are not the dominant choices. For a gender-neutral room, simply avoid pink and purple completely and keep red and blue as secondary colors.

Color specialists recommend one of two methods for establishing the design for your baby's room. The simplest method is to choose one main color and add two accents, which you place around the room in a balanced manner. A second approach is to choose two complementary colors and add one or two accents. By dividing the room in half, you can do the top one color, the bottom another and add a colorful border in between. You can also paint three walls one color and use the fourth wall for a colorful accent or mural. This plan is great for large rooms.

Soft blues and greens tend to slow down the nervous system and produce a sense of calmness and tranquility in your baby's room. Dominant darker colors may be sophisticated, but they also pull the energy from the room. Because they can be depressing, add them sparingly as accent colors.

Earthy reds are preferable to bright reds, which can be overwhelming. However, as an accent wall or color, they add punch and energy to the room. The same is true of the color orange. The soft version is energizing and cozy, but bright orange can make a small room feel really cramped. Yellow is the other warm color and can be happy and sunny. However, babies actually cry more in yellow rooms because certain hues increase anxiety.

When in doubt, think about using a warm neutral such as ivory, beige or brown and adding splashes of bright color that can easily be swapped out as your baby grows. Buy a charming crib set and pull out the colors from it to be your room accents. Your room will be delightful and ready for its precious new occupant.


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